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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fashion Friday

I'm back! School is not done just yet, but I have most of the hard-core labor and sleepless nights behind me.

Yesterday and today have been rainy. There are times I enjoy the rain - but I have been locked in my house for weeks now slaving over school work. I want to go out and play.

This is all actually related to Fashion Friday - I promise.

Because the grey skies are making me wish for color! When I think of a fashion designer who embraces color I think of Kate Spade.

This is not color, but it is cute:
This is color! The red is almost shocking.
Not daring enough you say? Well then, take this:

Who would wear teal tights you ask?

Um, me. And not only would I, but I do. My husband acts embarrassed when I prance around town in my teal tights... but does that stop me any? No!

Even in some of kate's tamed down pieces, she adds a spot of magnificent color.
Plus, I'll admit it. There is a part of me that just likes anyone who has a whole line called Cape Cod. Right now I am vacation-sick for the Cape.

If I had this outfit I would not mind the moody weather so much.

Kate Spade has made me want to do this:

Now I think I will dig through my closet. Find all sorts of crazy bright clothing. And go play out of the house!

Happy Friday!

Sending some warm fuzzy color your way!


andrea creates said...

I'd wear the teal tights too! Definitely :) I'm currently the mom at the bus stop with green and purple fingernails, lol.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

I totally hear you! Today my nails are purple.

Janet said...

I love the teal tights and if I was younger I'd wear them in a heartbeat. This post Is so full of color it just makes me smile.

Phoenix Peacock said...

Janet, I have a feeling that with your gorrilla-snot hair that you can totally pull off teal tights!
Regardless, I'm glad I gotchya to smile!

Annie said...

Mmmmmmm Kate Spade!

I'm loving all the color :)