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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Inspiration: Fences

So I would like to take a drive with no where to go and bring my camera.

However, school is not over yet and this weekend needs to be productive... so no aimless drives for me.

Soon I will post what I am working on, but in the meantime...

Some visual treats to inspire you!

(yes, those are bowling balls...)

(I admit this "lace" fence has me fascinated... I stared for a long while. How do you do that?!)

(I was raised outside of a colonial town... our fences looked like these wooden ones. It makes me a bit homesick. We also had a lot of stone hedges like the one below)


Rachel said...

What beautiful pictures! And I love your other blog, too. I joined it!

Janet said...

Wow! These are amazing! I love the first one, and I agree with did they do that lace fence?!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

Thanks ladies! I think I like fences so much because they are repetitive and generally most fences go on for a while, making patterns in their environments... I think I should start incorporating lengthly patterns into my art, perhaps?!