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Monday, April 26, 2010

Months mail

Mondays are always hard - the reality of the week ahead sets in and the could-haves, should-haves, and oh-why-didn't-I's from the weekend are lingering.

However one VERY redeemable factor of Monday is the start of the mail week. I'm at a loss as to why I don't get mail on Sundays. It is always disappointing.

So while I took my hiatus from blogging during the majority of March/April, I did not miss my mailbox even one day.

I'm pretty sure I even checked on Sundays - guess I'm just optimistic. Otherwise I will blame it on the Fibro Fog.

So mail!

This cute bird is stuffed with lavender (my favorite!) and has wings that are image transfers from fortunes. Both images are the same bird, she just has two alternating fabrics. She flew in a care package to visit my sister, just in time for my sister's birthday at the beginning of March.

My sister replied with a thank you card made out of some of the papers that were included in the package I mailed her. Isn't it cute?
She then created a care package for me! It was pretty amazing and included:

Another fabulous hand-made card.

And a vanilla infuser to make my world smell pretty and relaxing.

One of her kids included a "Origami Lab" which now proudly hangs in my kitchen so I can see his smiling face each day.

And then a coloring book full of geometric designs like the ones she and I used to color when I was little, a notebook with little birds, and a recipe book for the slow-cooker (she may or may not have been aware of my increasing use of the slow-cooker).

There was even more, but the photos didn't come out as well.

Then the marvelous swap-bot arranged for a stuffed envelope swap. My swap-partner was really into teal (which you know I have plenty of), recipes (this person is starting to sound a lot like me), and random material for art journaling (okay, we should just meet in person, because obviously we are long lost best friends who just haven't met yet). This is my little pile I sent to her:
As part of the same swap, a different swap-partner sent this to me:
(um, hello! do you see all that thread for cross-stiching?! And the peacock feather sticking out is a really cool butterfly made of peacock feathers, which is now flying over my computer as part of my vision wall!)

Swap-bot also arranged that I find 5-8 pink items to send to a different swap-partner.

The partner that was assigned to send items to me sent them in this awesome packaging

and inside:

I was also part of an art postcard swap. I sent 3 postcards of Marc Chagall paintings to different partners (1 postcard per partner) and received:

I also participated in a tea swap. My partner sent me Unwind... seemed fitting!

Then randomly one day I got this:I am certain that this random postcard is my final postcard from the iHanna swap that I participated in forever ago. I guess better late than never...

Near Easter I was part of many bunny card swaps. This was a particularly cute one sent my way

There were a handful more swaps and letters exchanged. Perhaps you will see them soon. For now it feels like this might have been a bit overload...


Lyndsey said...
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WhisperingWriter said...

Nice stuff!

Those birds are really cool.

Laura said...

Just wondering, did you ever get my package? From the brown paper package swap? I sent it a while ago, but I hope it arrived safely! :)