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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tranquil Tuesday

This Tuesday I actually do feel calmer than I have in a while - the last of my big projects are due today. Everything is done and ready to be turned in.

So what if I feel a little proud.

Its okay. You can gossip about it.

Let them stop and stare. Or you could just let them eat cake. Or drink tea.

As the madness of the semester is wrapping up, the mad tea parties are just beginning.

So this Tranquil Tuesday I am finding time to celebrate hanging up art for a show this Friday, hopefully taking a friend out for her birthday, and squeezing in a little reward time for me.
And I think I will treat myself to some tea and cake. Maybe something fancy. Like Petits fours, which always remind me of GrandMary from the American Girl Doll Samantha's books.

What rewarding or calming thing are you fitting into your busy Tuesday?


Janet said...

Good for you for getting everything done but mostly for being good to yourself and having a little treat! The petits fours sound yummy.

My Tuesday is pretty calm and quiet and I'm sure I'll find some time to play in the studio....and maybe even sneak a piece of chocolate!

Heather said...

hehehe, these images are great! Love the phrases on the mugs ;)

Hope you have a lovely and leisurely Tuesday~

lee said...

today tuesday is visiting my mom, treating myself to a visit to Second Cup for a hot chocolate and to read the newspaper where nobody knows me, or wants anything

Phoenix Peacock said...

Thanks ladies! Mmmm chocolate and hot chocolate are always good additions to the day!