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Sunday, November 6, 2011


“Three tomatoes are walking down the street…papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato. Baby tomato starts laggin’  behind and papa tomato gets really angry, goes back and squishes ‘im and says… Catch UP" 

Because I've been taken pictures each week for Ashley's scavenger hunt Sundays. I just haven't had time to load them, edit them, and show them. But here are the last two weeks... hopefully I'll even get todays up and posted by nightfall!

1. Words

2. Orange
all decked out for Halloween

3. Under

4. Fly

5. Always Look on the Bright Side
Bright Trail is one of our favorite places for camping/hiking. 

1. Macro - close up.
(hard to do if you don't have a macro lens)

2. Found Texture
(held a potato sack in front of the lens)

3. Home
If my hand is in his, then where ever we are, I am home.

4. Cover

5. The Tree


Susan said...

Good job at catching up! Love the found texture shot very creative!

MG Atwood said...

well worth the wait! Lovely captures.

Janet said...

Thanks for the joke! And as always your photos are great. I really like "under" "found texture" and "home" was just fantastic. I love what you wrote about that one.

April Cole said...

Great photos, well worth waiting for, darling :]
#4 Cover- is by far my favorite!
Job well done *hugs*

Allison said...

Hello! It feels like ages since I've really sat down and visited with my blog friends. Life gets SO busy, huh? I had to tell you how beautiful these photos are. I especially like the textured one. Great shots! Hope you're doing well.