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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Things About Me

So I feel like all my posts right now are either about painting or photography. Which I love both - but it leaves out some of that personal stuff. And honestly, the blogs I love the most are the ones with the personal connection.

A blogging friend, Micaela, hosts Wanting to Know You Wednesdays, where she usually discloses something about herself and then asks her readers to also. She is also a fan of having people tell her 10 random things about themselves.

So in the spirit of Micaela....

1. I really like Quotable Cards. I always end up hanging them on my vision wall or keeping them around the office for YEARS until I un-tape them from the wall and send them to a friend. CardsandBooks/quotable/700049Dnew.jpg
The above is one that I picked up sometime in undergrad. It has been taped to walls, refrigerators, and in the car. It is finally ready to be passed on to one of my friends (one who will overlook the tape)

2. The blog name Phoenix Peacock comes from a tattoo I have on my left shoulder. I have always loved the stories of the Firebirds, particularly the ones from Russia.
My mom had this fabulously illustrated Russian folktale story book that I just loved as a kid. I had a gold tutu that had lace I could wrap down my arms. It was my very favorite item in my dress up box and I always used to pretend I was a gold Russian Firebird when I wore it.

(Me at my 7th birthday party)

3. I am drawn towards birds in general... particularly when it comes to my tattoos. I only have two, but they are both birds. As a kid I remember going for long walks and climbing trees and just spending hours bird watching. I had a bird book and a monocular.

4. Even though my blog name is Phoenix Peacock, it should really be Bunny.
I'm the youngest (by a long shot) of 4 children. The three oldest (whom I've always called the Big Kids) were clumped together age-wise and then 9 years later I came along. My father's Air Force squadron teased my parents that they reproduced like rabbits... and so my nursery theme became bunnies.
Im pretty sure I have the entire Peter Rabbit and Friends collection.

Plus I have all sorts of homemade bunny items.
They are all currently packed up and in a box in my Mom's basement... just waiting for me to start a nursery with! I can't wait to unpack it all.
The bunny obsession continued later in life too. As a little kid, my oldest sister took me to see one of the Disney princess movies in the theaters, I think it was Sleeping Beauty, and when a bunny hopped onto the screen I just about screamed in excitement "BUNNY!!!!" I was much more impressed with the bunny than the princess. ha.
In college, when I first started dating my Hubby, I had a bunny named Puka. Without knowing about my childhood obsession, Hubby started calling me Bunny. And the obsession took off all over again. Anything bunny now gets the same excitement today that it would have when I was 4.

5. I really like teal. I think other than pink as a little girl, it is the only color I could ever say has been a favorite. For most of my life I didn't have a favorite color... so I guess I'm excited about it. Is that weird?

6. Speaking about favorites, I don't have a favorite season. I love different qualities about each one.

7. I am fascinated by different cultures. I want to know about their holidays, their food, their traditions, their dances, their dress, and their decoration. One day I really want to travel the world. And I hope the home I own in the future reflects all of that. I want furniture and decorations to reflect the many cultures I've had a pleasure of being introduced to.
Door with fatima hand knockers

8.  I'm also really fascinated by sculpture, sculptural components in design, and in particularly - the use of upcycled materials. I like both the modern edge and shabby chic... but I really like the creativity and the new life breathed into items that use materials in new and exciting ways.

9. I have a fascination with metal and rust. I also have a fascination with paper, book pages, and old maps.

10. I have extreme wanderlust and always feel the urge to go somewhere and explore. This has been a life-long feeling. I also have a mind full of ideas - to the point it is hard to accomplish anything because I want to do everything.

What are ten random things about you? Or, if thats too much, tell me one project you've been pushing off, or only half-way committed to, that you really want to accomplish!


laurie said...

I have too many to mention, lol, wonderful list,, you sound like you have a very exciting life and future, the desire to and learn new things keeps us young!

Susan said...

Love your list! Such a cute 7 year old picture too! I have quite a few Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit items I purchased over the years for if we ever have kids. It's such a cute story.

Claudia said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog and the great advise on shopping lists! I think one more thing to to is tape the list! lol! can you believe that after I wrote the post I did it again??? :/

I love Micaela's Wanting to know your Weds...and I love her she was my first blog follower :)

It's nice to get to know you and I love your #9 and #10

Micaela said...

phoenix, i LOVEEEED reading these! and seeing little you! (adorable!!!) the bunny nursery-- touched my heart!

#10- when you get that itch, come to "little mexico" and visit me in el paso! ;) lol

i loooove reading random facts! in fact, i should really do another post like this on mine. when i do, i'll link back.

love love love xo

April Cole said...

This is super sweet, loved getting to know you better! :]

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Lovely to read more about you and I often wondered where the name came from.
Oh, I'm the oldest of five girls.

I have soo many unfinished pieces its not funny. Since journalling thats about all I have time for.
What I love about journalling is you can pick up and take off where you left off.
Looking forward to more hours in my days. lol
Creative hugs,