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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas mail call

I love the holidays due to how busy my mailbox becomes with season's greetings! 

I love the vintage feel of this fantastic postcard sent from Kitty

 Somebunny knows my nickname is bunny and goes out of her way to pick bunny themed things to send my way! Oh she know me well. Thank you my darling dear Micaela! 

Santa cheer from my new love, Kary.

From Chantelle in the UK:
And Chantelle included this beautiful ornament:
Thank you Chantelle!!! 

I love being a therapist with therapist friends. This cracks me up:

I also love being an artist with artistic friends. Some fabulous art mail arrived for the holidays:

From another art therapist, friend, and peer:

From the talented and always encouraging Kelly

From the ever inspiring and always thoughtful Janet:
 Janet sent me a random little package out of no where before the holiday season hit. 
Because I had mentioned that my childhood nursery was Peter Rabbit themed and that I saved onto all of it for my child's nursery. How thoughtful and touching is that? And the best part is that it arrived after a 14 hour work day of having a client scream profanities at me. Ahhh... to know someone out there has a kind heart after a day like that... divine! 

To one of my dearest friends who just celebrated her birthday and is about to celebrate her wedding:

And my Christmas card.
I'm sharing my letter with you all:

Happy Holidays!

I love this time of year because it is a time I get to hear from all of you and we can take a moment out of our busy lives to catch up and share all the joy of the past year.

Hubby has continued to work for IBM and go to school to study forensic computer-y stuff... maybe its computer forensics. Yes, that sound right, but I still can't tell you any more about it. I do know that Hubby and I both share a passion for TV shows about crime and in particular, serial killers. It is very romantic stuff.

This year, Hubby has really started to enjoy mountain biking. He even has padded shorts; it is serious business. This leaves me teasing him until I'm literally eating his dust as he goes past me. There was one day that I was determined to beat him... it didn't happen; I obviously blamed it on not having padded shorts, obviously.

I *finally* graduated with my masters in Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy (I swear it isn't the same as underwater basket weaving) and went out into the "real world". I am working as a multisystemic therapist, which is a type of in-home family therapist for families that have a teenager labeled either "at-risk" or as a youth sex offender. It is intense work but also has a lot of perks, like:
* I am reminded daily what a great family I have. It would be unprofessional to say "nanny nanny boo boo, my family is better than yours" but sometimes I think it.
* my children (no, we don't have kids yet) won't get away with anything. I now know all the tricks in the book (I really hope future holiday letters don't make me eat my words due to having raised delinquent children.)
* it also gives me proof that I was a good kid albeit blue hair, tattoos, and loud music
* it has a pay check! It is a huge raise from making a whole $0.00 as an intern. Awesome, because student loans are due. I thought about going straight through for my Ph.D. to avoid having to pay those back just yet, but then my brain threatened to self destruct.

During the summers I continue to work as an art therapist at the Colorado Heritage Camps for adoptive families. It is a job I *LOVE* and have no snarky comments for. I ionly wish I could figure out how to make it a full-time all-year position.

This summer we took our first vacation together since moving to Colorado. We went to Maine and Massachusetts and spent our third wedding anniversary in Chatham, Cape Cod, the town we were married in! It was a delightful get away. We also had a lot of family visit Colorado this year. It was so much fun to see everyone. Speaking of family... we are expecting our 13th niece or nephew in 2012 from Hubby's brother. Even though it is our 13th, it is the first baby on Hubby's side of the family! We love being aunt and uncle - so we are pretty excited!

All in all, life is good!

I look forward to hearing all the joy you've had in your year!

May your blessing abound in the year to come,

xoxo Bunny.


April Cole said...

Thank you for sharing... your "artful" mail.
These are all very lovely, creative, and thoughtful goodies.
It is amazing how others can touch our lives!:]

Janet said...

I'm glad you like the little books. Somehow they told me they belonged with you.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.