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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sleep Shopping.

I can't sleep. So instead I'm screen shopping playing make pretend I have money and can buy myself these items for Christmas.

Cast Iron Bunny Business Card Holder

From  Beautiful Details by the Sea Shore 

Under The Sea Blessings
From Kelly's Art Journaling 

I would kill for this hat and glove set. SO freaking cute! From Stylish Knitting

Bunny Angel Necklace Winged Rabbit Necklace Bunny Jewelry
since the bunny is my spirit animal after all... From Sandra n Dan

Camel Infinity Scarf with Brown Tweed Wool Trim READY TO SHIP
Medium Ivory Bow Pin Made To Order
Mojo Spa is divine. The infinity scarf I love reminds me of a rebel woman in a bomber. Totally 1920s love.  And the bow! oh the bow. Coco would be proud.

1 comment:

April Cole said...

These are all so cute, clever idea.
Thanks you sharing your thoughts! :]
Have a wonderful Christmas filled with love & peace. *hugs*